Summer Reading List + Interesting Links

Here are some interesting videos/links/articles that I have stumbled upon this week:
1. Chipotle ad, courtesy of Dr. Parke Wilde’s blog:

2. Minnesota State Fair ad, courtesy of Dr. David Kessler on twitter:

3. NPR article about SNAP (food stamps), courtesy of Bread for the World twitter.

4. Michele Simon’s post about one company’s lack of desire to limit advertising to kids.

5.  And from the CDC: 25% of US population gets 200 calories/day from soda. Courtesy of Marion Nestle’s twitter.


This summer, I had lofty plans of reading about 10 books.  I haven’t even finished one (still looking at the Four Fish book cover…halfway done!).  Michele and I wanted to include occasional book reviews on here, but that means we need to read the book first!  Do you have any book recommendations for us?  What have you been reading this summer?  Would you be interested in writing a book review for this blog?

Let us know!  Leave a comment or email us at twofoodnerds(at)


Food Security/Deserts News

Things have been quite busy around here, to say the least!  I was able to visit Michele on Wednesday, on my way down to SF, and it was so lovely to see the cherry orchards that she works at!  I learned a lot about the cherry growing process, and have an even greater appreciation for those who work on cherry orchards!  It’s so easy to think that food just appears at the store/farmer’s market, and to forget that the food needed to be tended by someone and grown.

I’ll just leave you with a couple articles about food deserts/food insecurity today:

Foundation offers $200 million to help California ‘food deserts:

Food security academy for youth in the Lower Ninth Ward by Our School at Blair Grocery:

Retailers pledge to open stores in ‘food deserts’:

What are your thoughts on these articles/news items?